Friday, 12 June 2009

Summarize the trend of this year

Summarize the trend of this year,We can see:Classic circular dial design still occupy the mainstream position,Square, bucket, oval-shaped, such as "Alien" is also emerging;Conciseness as possible of the dial is the main theme of this year,hour scale together with simple texture is esteemed by famous world brand;Rose gold and mother-of-pearl dial are also yield unusually brilliant results,Tie-in cortical strap,appear more elegant and solemn.In addition.Also can not forget the large dial,especially male watches,40mm dial is not "big",might as well try 44mm even 49mm dials,If you have the courage.

Patek Philippe is one of the famous swiss replica watches,

2009 Fashion Trends of swiss watches

Under the global economic situation,consumption of luxury goods over the same period has also become more critical and more selective.Seasonal trend of clothes, bags, shoes - can be put aside for the time being,The luxury that only to meet "maintain value" and "not out of fashion" the two basic conditions can be in consumers' good graces in this special period.Watches,became a symbol of the luxury.especially swiss replica watches.

At the beginning of 2009,The trend of watches in this year has just come out from SIHH and BaselWorld.Excellent designers and smart brand trying to capture the core and vestiges of time among a few centimeters of wrist,Turned watches from calculagraph to a work of art can be used to accurately time.
Nostalgic wind,more and more severe,Whether commemorative edition or nostalgic edition,all easy lets a person remember the good old days;and the addition of the new technology as well as the design comes from modern life habits,will be highly regarded by young people,and brand watches belong to this era.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Swiss watches shout slogans----Back to the roots

The customer of the Geneva Watch Fair reduced by 20% than last year,although some lively in Basel at the end of March,it's obvious that the customer reduced than last year.
Facing this situation,What should a shopper do?Up to now,whether the old or the new watch didn't appear significantly depreciate,So at least the money spend on watch will not be completely disappeared.
It's should be noted that,represented by a high-end Swiss watchmaking is now gradually losing the purely functional,But towards the practical and decorative both the road of development,therefore can not be in traditional performance to measure the industry.As long as people like watch,the Swiss replica watches will certainly be able to survive on, so we do not worry about this luxury goods industry too much for a sudden weakness.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

When the celebrity meets swiss watches

When the celebrity meets swiss watches,the final result often was win-win. Celebrity's wristwatch become the label of their personal status and hobbies, Increased more brilliance and the convenience for them, regardless in stage or in daily life. But the celebrity has become a propaganda tool of the watch,and they gave the Swiss replica watches cold-blood and spirit.But as for our ordinary people, we can see our own style and fit watches from the bustling of the incident.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

swiss watches:Never goes out of fashion

Because of cell phones, many of my friends have given up wearing a watch!
But everyone wants be noticed and be an icon of the latest fashion.It is a known fact that only trendy clothes do not make you stand out. So, what is the other accessory which is equally important? Yes, it is a striking watch. However, not everyone can afford the high end branded watches and it remains as a dream for most people.But you also do not have enough money to buy those luxury swiss watches like rolex,so you can choose the replica ones.A replica watch should not be confused with the fake watch as the first one is a perfect clone of the original while the second one doesn't usually comply with the genuine product.
Thus, you may both obtain the proper fashion, and does not cost you much money.why not?

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Under economic crisis's swiss watches manufacturing industry

Demand for Swiss watches are expected to drop in 2009, especially among the smaller, less well know demands, said Jean-Daniel Pasche, who heads the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FHS).
“This year will not be better than 2008,” Pasche told Bloomberg in a recent interview. “For smaller newcomers we could expect some trouble for some of them. We are rather confident for the strong brands.”
The financial crisis is thought to be largely responsible for the recent decline in watch purchases, which make up about 10 percent of Switzerland's total exports.

It seemed just a few short weeks ago that you couldn't turn anywhere without finding a story about the renaissance of the Swiss watch industry. But the economic crisis means luxury items are just that in a time of restrained spending. That's got the attention of some analysts who say 2009 is shaping up to the be the worst year for watch sales in decades. For example, the National Post recently reported:

The slowdown in demand for new expensive watches is causing a panic in Switzerland, where 2009 is threatening to be the worst year for the Swiss industry since the "quartz crisis" of the 1970s and 1980s, which made mechanical watches technologically obsolete and reduced industry employment to 30,000 from 90,000.

What do you think? On target or hyperbole? Have you shelved that plan to buy a new Swiss watch?

The Swiss Watch Boutique reported recently that as the financial crisis continues to play out in uncertain ways, the Swiss watchmaking industry is bracing for its first significant slowdown in many years. The wealthy bankers who scooped up Swiss watches, like Omega, Rolex, and IWC may not be in a position to sustain the watch business. Already this year, shares in Swatch Group, the world’s largest watchmaker, have plunged nearly 40 percent.

But unlike the 1970s and 1980s, experts predict single digit growth for the industry rather than outright retraction. Strong demand in emerging markets, such as India, Russia, and China, are expected to help soften the impact of the worst global financial mess since the Great Depression.